Praxis für Kinder- und Jugendpsychiatrie K. Werner Heuschen Practice for child and adolescent psychiatry
Praxis für Kinder- und Jugendpsychiatrie K. Werner HeuschenPractice for child and adolescent psychiatry

We care for your medical needs

As visitor from abroad you will have limited time for medical treatment in Germany. Accordingly we will set up a special itenary for your child regarding its medical needs. This might include organic diagnostics such as laboratory/blood tests, cardiology, neuropediatric diagnostic, MRT/CT, allergological diagnostic and others through cooperating doctors. Find more details at


On our side of the field we can offer a second opinion or re-assessment as well as a complete psychiatric diagnostic process. It will then include anamnesis, exploration of the child and parents, psychological testing of intelligence, abilities, mood and learning behaviour. From our experience so far we realize that psychological training of the child might be of interest to most parents during the stay in Munich.


Therefore we can offer 2 to 4 hours psychological training (concentration, learning behaviour, neurofeedback) per day to bring your child on the way. Often it makes sence to return for a second or even third round of training 3 months later to fresh up and intensify learning effects! In some cases there will be need for medical treatment, e. g. methylphenidate or others. We carefully assess this during the diagnostic process and will then be able to titrate the medication over the time of your stay - having a close look on and after the child, as we can see and describe effects at the psychological trainings quiete easily. Very important from our point of view is parental training and interactional training. If you wish, we therefore offer these both elements, too. It will enable you to specify daily problems as well as setting up rules at home and solve major problems through situation-training with a psychological coach.


Please feel free to contact Mrs Stefanie Fritsch as case manager of my practice for foreign visitors. She will be happy to arrange all neccessary medical treatments and set up your itenary.

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Contact our case manager to arrange medical treatment according to your needs

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